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MARCH 2025


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Do You Need Upper Control Arms (UCAs) For A 2 Inch Lift?

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Do You Need Upper Control Arms (UCAs) For A 2 Inch Lift?

What Role do Upper Control Arms play in Lifted Vehicles?

When it comes to lifted vehicles, especially IFS (Independent Front Suspension) vehicles, many four wheel drive enthusiasts wonder if they should upgrade their upper control arms. The simple answer is, yes! A 2 inch lift kit can significantly alter a vehicle's suspension geometry, impacting several key aspects. A few such as wheel alignment, camber, and caster angles which ultimately affects the vehicle's handling and tire wear.

Impact of 2 inch Lift on Wheel Alignment and Suspension Geometry

What is the impact of lifting a vehicle by 2 inches? Well, it can ultimately lead to misalignment issues. Lifting any vehicle with stock upper control arms by 2 inches alters its suspension geometry, particularly in the camber and caster angles. The camber angle, crucial for maintaining an even tire contact patch with the surface, can become too ‘positive’ post-lift, wearing out the outer edges of the tires more rapidly. Similarly, the caster angle, essential for stable steering and straight-line tracking, can also become compromised.

Are Aftermarket Upper Control Arms the Solution to Alignment Challenges?

Yes, Aftermarket upper control arms are engineered to address alignment challenges. They're designed to restore correct alignment and maintain optimal camber and caster settings, which is crucial for vehicles with a 2 inch lift. This ensures that the tire contact patch is maximised, reducing uneven wear, and enhancing the vehicle's handling.

Advantages of High Articulation Ball Joints and Aftermarket Arms

SuperPro upper control arms and other aftermarket options often come with high articulation ball joints, offering improved suspension travel and droop. They not only maximise the benefit of a lift kit but also provide better off-road capabilities. They are also typically stronger than stock arms, offering better durability and increased clearance around the suspension strut, thus preventing over-articulation and potential damage.

Does a Wheel Alignment Maximise Tire Life and Performance?

Proper wheel alignment is key to maximising a vehicles’ tire life and overall performance. With a 2 inch lift, the standard factory alignment settings become ineffective, leading to a reduced tire contact surface patch and increased wear. Aftermarket upper control arms allow for a more precise alignment, ensuring that the tires wear evenly and maintain optimal contact with the road.

Fixed Offset vs. Adjustable Ball Joint Upper Control Arms

When it comes to choosing upper control arms, there are two main options: fixed offset and adjustable ball joint arms. Fixed offset arms are designed to correct the alignment to a certain degree, suitable for most lifted vehicles. On the other hand, adjustable ball joint arms offer more flexibility, allowing for fine-tuning of both camber and caster angles, making them ideal for lifts higher than 2 inches or for vehicles with specific alignment needs.

Maximising Your Vehicle's Capabilities with the Right Suspension Parts

Installing aftermarket upper control arms with a 2 inch lift is not just recommended; it's essential for maintaining proper wheel alignment, tire life, and vehicle handling. Whether you opt for fixed offset or adjustable ball joint upper control arms, upgrading will help you maximise the potential of your lift kit and enhance your vehicle's overall performance.

If you have any further questions about upper control arms and lift kits, feel free to give our team of experts a call on 1800 882 840 or message us in the chat option below. We’re here to help you get the most out of your vehicle!

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