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CAOS Kinetic Rope + 20T Soft Shackle Combo

C.A.O.S Hall: Exhibition Building Stand: EB432

RRP $335.00       SHOW PRICE $239.00     (Save $96.00)

The CAOS Kinetic Rope for vehicle recovery has been NATA Tested and Certified to MBS of 13,300kg.

The CAOS Kinetic Rope is designed to be a vital part of any recovery kit. NATA Tested using CAOS 4.75T Hard shackle, 14,000kg and 20,000kg Soft Shackles to ensure it won’t let you down when needed.


Using a Kinetic rope provides gentler recovery with up to 30% of Kinetic energy in a controlled release.


CAOS Soft Shackle 5/8" WLL 20T (20,000kg) which is 70cm long with an abrasive protective cover and nylon storage bag. Made from lightweight material (UHMwPE - Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene), with a Class 2 - 80mm diamond knot provides a quick and extremely secure under load.


All CAOS Soft Shackles feature a low-friction fibre. The CAOS Soft Shackle rope is so strong that an equivalent wire rope would be three times as thick, and a top-quality stainless-steel shackle with a 3/4" pin would have less than half the breaking strength.


The CAOS Soft Shackle can handle just about every function performed by a metal shackle. A recovery tool that is stronger than the traditional D-ring style shackle, lighter and safer is a must have in anybody's recovery bag. The CAOS Soft Shackle is the right tool for any recovery situation.


Kinetic Rope Features:

  • Colour: Platinum grey tope and red/black reinforced connection loops
  • Chemical, UV and abrasion-resistant
  • Material: double braided nylon 66 and polyester
  • Weight: 3.7kg
  • Length: 10m x 30mm
  • MBS: 13,300kg / 29,321lb


20T Soft Shackle Features:

  • Made from UHMwPE (Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene) 
  • Easy to operate and will not rust.
  • Grey 30mm diameter UV stable synthetic rope construction, including an abrasive protective sleeve. This combination provides maximum protection in any recovery situation.
  • The overall length of the CAOS Soft Shackle is 70cm with an 80mm Class 2 diamond knot.
  • The strong synthetic fibre is lighter and stronger than traditional shackles and won't overload your recovery bag.
  • Mud Storage Bag for the shackle.


NOTE:  Show price is only available at the National 4x4 & Outdoor Show in Brisbane from 18-20 March 2022.               


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