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CAOS RECOVERY 8T Snatch + Shackle & Hitch Receiver + Recovery Gloves

C.A.O.S Hall: Exhibition Building Stand: EB432

Basic Snatch Pack including an 8T Snatch Strap, Bow Shackle, Hitch Receiver and Pin and Recovery Gloves

RRP $162.00       SHOW PRICE $115.00 (Save $47.00)

CAOS 8T Snatch Strap 75mm x 9m (Orange) 

CAOS 8T Recovery Snatch Strap - 75mm x 9m. NATA Laboratory tested and certified with triple reinforced loops and Australian Legislation compliant label. 100% nylon, folded, stitched and canvas-encased reinforced loops. The CAOS Recovery Snatch Strap comes with a heavy-duty protective carry bag and a wide velcro tie making storing easier. CAOS 4X4 Recovery gear is a class above all else. NATA Certified with 10,401kg breaking strength - Tested Tough by Aussies for Aussies


  • Made of 100% nylon with a 20% kinetic stretch.
  • Australian Legislation compliant label detailing the batch number, manufacture date, length and break strength.
  • Protective sleeve.
  • Resistant to UV and chemicals.
  • Brightly coloured so it cannot easily get lost.
  • Light and easy to handle.
  • Use and easy-care instructions included.
  • Mud Storage Bag to fit the Snatch Strap, Shackles and Gloves

CAOS Bow Shackle, Hitch Receiver and Pin Set. 

Convert your standard 50mm x 50mm square towbar hitch into a rated recovery point by simply removing your towbar tongue and replacing it with this hitch. Suitable for a snatch or winch recovery situation and perfect for those vehicles who have trouble mounting rear recovery points. You should never, ever use a tow ball for recovery purposes as they are not rated for the loads applied when performing vehicle recovery This Recovery hitch will replace the tow ball and is rated for the job!


  • Machined steel hitch receiver with 5 Tonne / 5000kgs working load limit.
  • Corrosion resistant powder coated or zinc plated parts.
  • Moulded plastic bow shackle protector.
  • Twin mounting holes for vertical or horizontal mounting depending on recovery angle.
  • Designed to suit most standard 50mm x 50mm heavy duty towbars.
  • Complete assembly.

WARNING!! Never use a tow ball for recovery purposes. Note: The distance between the milled shoulder beside the eye and the centre of the pin hole = 76mm; the length of the square part of the receiver that inserts into the towbar = 104mm. Please check that this item will fit your towbar before ordering.

CAOS 4x4 Recovery Gloves

Superior protection for your hands with universal form-fitting design, reinforced palms and fingers, and an adjustable velcro cuff fastener. The heavy-duty synthetic material is comfortable to wear and provides greater grip and flexibility than leather rigging gloves. These are essential PPE when performing vehicle recoveries, especially when handling winch components. Pack a pair in your recovery kit or glove box.


  • Form-fitting design
  • Reinforced palms and fingers
  • Superior protection
  • Adjustable velcro fastener

NOTE:  Show price is only available at the National 4x4 & Outdoor Show in Brisbane from 18-20 March 2022.


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