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23ZERO Dakota Roof Top Tents

23ZERO Hall: Lower RICC Stand: 604

23 ZERO Roof Top Tents provide you the freedom and confidence to tackle the outdoors. Its heritage spans from two of the most outdoor oriented counties in the world; Australia and the USA. Whether your journey takes you to the desert, along the coast, up mountains or along that new trail you have been wanting to explore, this remarkably finished tent, made from class leading tear check poly cotton canvas, ensures you will stay comfortable, sheltered and dry.

The Dakota Roof top tent range has been designed to provide size options to suit your family’s needs, with 4 sizes of roof top tents ranging from the 1400 which is the equivalent to a standard double size bed to the 2200 which is almost half a metre wider than a king size bed. Built to conform to the expectations of seasoned tourers, the Dakota features a 25mm aluminium tube frame that pivot on stainless steel yokes. Supported by an aluminium base filled with a hi-density durable polymer of ethylene vinyl acetate providing superior strength, sound absorption, reduces condensation and has fantastic thermal characteristics.

Full width 180 degree side windows as well as a star gazing roof window provide exceptional ventilation and even better views all whilst laying on a 65mm open cell fitted mattress.

Add the optional Dakota 1400 annex as an additional space to keep all of your gear out of the elements or as a separate sleeping quarter

The Dakota range of Roof top tents are constructed using 23 ZERO latest innovation – climate control Light Suppression Technology (LST).



LST is a uniquely formulated dark coating we apply to the inner canvas walls of our Roof top tent models, effectively defusing sunlight and UV rays from entering the inner tent. This ensures your tent remains as dark as possible during sunrise and throughout the day.

Light Suppression Technology provides the added benefit of keeping the inner tent cooler during the hot summer days.

Engineered to be applied to our hard wearing poly cotton canvas with a two pass process including an anti UV treatment.

Light Suppression Technology

  • Reduces light pollution – vehicle head lights, torches and Moonlight
  • Enhanced climate control – keeps your tent cooler throughout the hot day
  • Fantastic insulating properties
  • Great for late risers or sleep ins
  • Reduces external noise
  • Great for mums and kids
  • UV Diffusion

Conveniently 23ZERO roof top tents do not require seasoning. They are constructed using high quality pre-shrunk poly cotton canvas combined with high frequency internal seam sealing. Our roof top tents are ready to use straight out of the box. Get out there and enjoy!


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