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Aeroklas Injecta Canopy

Aeroklas Hall: Upper Ricc Stand: 116

Infuse your 4x4 with extra storage, security and functionality with the Aeroklas Injecta Canopy. The Aeroklas Injecta Canopy is
formed using Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM), which gives you a stronger, more flexible canopy than a traditional single shell
ABS or fibreglass canopies. This process, which removes potential joins and weak areas from each canopy, infuses the Injecta
with exceptional impact resistance and the ability to reshape it after an impact.

The Injecta’s combination of high-quality materials and superior manufacturing processes come together to form an
unbelievably strong and functional ute canopy. Boasting a dynamic load rating of 120kg* (350kg static), the Injecta
empowers you to carry more, inside and out.
After the Injecta canopy’s tough shell is formed, it’s robotically painted to OEM standards with added UV protection to ensure
your canopy’s finish perfectly matches your vehicle, both in colour and durability.


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