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MARCH 2025


4x4 Outdoors Show Brisbane



05 Mar 2024

Install Video of Next Gen Ford Ranger / Everest & Amarok V6 Oil Catch Can Kit.

Western Filters Hall: Gregory Terrace Stand: GT104

Mann+Hummel ProVent 200 Oil Catch Can Kit for:
Ford Ranger / Everest BF2S 2022-on 3.0L TD V6 Turbo Diesel (Incl. Wildtrak, Hi-Rider, Double Cab Pick-up)
Volkswagen Amarok 2022-on NF DXWA 3.0L TD V6 Turbo Diesel

** Designed for Australian Models (Right Hand Drive
    Overseas Models May Have Differences.)
** Will NOT Fit If You Have an ARB Second Battery Kit Fitted on the Drivers Side

Provent Kit Includes:
:: Provent Unit
:: Stainless Steel Bracket
:: Top & Bottom Hoses
:: Drain Kit

Advantages of MANN+HUMMEL ProVent Catch Cans Include:
Highly efficient oil separation providing ideal protection for the turbocharger and other components installed downstream. Less motor oil consumption in comparison to less efficient separators or conventional open systems. Maintenance friendly - fittings are not removed during element maintenance. Universal usage: exceptional for variable flow rates. Integrated safety feature against irregularly high crankcase pressure. Light and robust design with no electrical energy required. Compact design, low pressure loss, low running costs. This unit fits inline between hose from the top of the crankcase back to the air intake, removing oily sludge and condensation, saving your inter-cooler and turbo from blocking up ! The filter element is usually changed at about 40,000 kms intervals. Note:some engines more, some engines less ! Individual replacement parts available.


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