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MARCH 2025


4x4 Outdoors Show Brisbane



XGS Upper Control Arm Explained

TJM 4x4 Equipped Hall: Upper Ricc Stand: 130

Each component is also individually tested in-house by vehicle manufacturers and by independent testing specialists to ensure that each system's performance, reliability, durability, and accuracy are ADR-compliant and exceed strict certification standards.

When you lift your vehicle above its factory standard parameters, you’re potentially losing a degree of castor and camber adjustment for every inch you lift your vehicle. XGS Upper Control Arms actually solves this alignment issue by providing up to 3 degrees of additional castor & camber to regain those lost degrees of adjustment. And the innovation doesn’t stop there. XGS is the first in the market to design Upper Control Arms to have a specially designed mount area that will never rub against the rim of the car. To achieve this, we created a unique 3D CAD to design a product that occupies the same/similar footprint as the OE component but with geometry correction and correct ball joint location built in. To put this innovation into context, XGS Upper Control Arms allow fitment of virtually any aftermarket wheel as the ball joint mount area is now the same size as OE – none of the other aftermarket arms are able to offer this.

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