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23 - 25 AUG 2024

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25 Jul 2023

Everything you need to know about UHF CB Radios in Australia!

ORICOM UHF CB RADIOS Hall: 7 - Grand Pavilion Stand: G159

What is UHF CB Radio?
UHF CB is an ideal close range communications tool with no ongoing fee. The UHF is ultimately a two-way radio system across the spectrum of 476.4250–477.4125MHz. In 2021, the UHF CB frequency range is divided into 80 channels, which are outlined for their various applications in the graphic below.

What are the benefits of UHF CB communication?
Great for close range communication off-road, camping or fishing – the perfect way to stay in touch.

Which UHF CB Radio is right for me?
When selecting an in-vehicle or hand-held unit, buy the best power and quality you can afford, after-all this is an essential communication tool. Oricom products offer true quality at realistic prices, every time.

Tight on space?
For an in-vehicle unit that won’t clutter the dash or take up room you don’t have, try a compact unit, such as the DTX4200X or UHF390, where all of the controls are in the microphone. The controller speaker mic removes the need for a head unit, and the integrated speaker works with the transceiver speaker to deliver exceptional sound quality and volume.

Why hand-held?
Hand-held units offer a portable UHF CB communication solution as well as being a great addition to your in-vehicle radio communication set-up. They give you flexibility to take it with you once you’ve “made-camp” and allow for better navigator communication when negotiating tricky off-road terrain as well as when parking or backing up in tight spots, especially with a van or trailer attached.

The ULTRA550 is a powerful 5 watt hand-held UHF CB Radio with features designed to optimise performance under all conditions including switchable RF power and fast charge PODs.

To view the handheld range, click here.

What about antennas?
Primarily, you would be looking for an antenna with 3dbi gain through to 6-6.5dBi gain, depending on the environment and intended use. The 3dBi antenna has a wide pattern, ideal for undulating terrain. 6-6.5dBi antennas are popular due to their performance over distance on flatter or slightly uneven terrain. Higher gain, 9dBi antennas have a flatter and longer radiation pattern, more suited to distance on level terrain.

To view the antenna range, click here.

Etiquette when using a UHF CB Radio.

  • Be aware of the Emergency channels (5 and 35) which are strictly to be used for Emergency communications only. Emergency services monitor these channels and respond to requests for help.
  • When communicating on a main channel (i.e. Channel 40 – Highways and trucks), once contact is made on the channel, it is accepted that both ends of the communication shift their discussion over to another channel in order to free the main channel up.
  • Be aware that all correspondence across the UHF CB frequency range is public. Anyone who is within range is free to join in with the conversation.
  • Be aware of all of the channels below, which will help guide your correspondence and how you use the UHF CB frequency for on or offroad communications.
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