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23 - 25 AUG 2024

4x4 Outdoors



Who is GDO4x4?

Girls Day Out 4wd Edition Hall: 8 - Town Square Pavilion Stand: T115

Hi my name is Cassandra (Cass), I created Girls Day Out 4wd Edition a few years ago with the thought of just wanted to get a bunch of girls out camping and learning skills along the way. Since then we have now grown into several events plus trying to connect women to the 4wding industry by bring companies in to help. 


Who am I to help? 
 Not only have I been a consumer in the industry but I also work in the industry both in 4wd's and trucks. Working both sides I have seen the amount of ladies that don't have the confidence to ask the questions. So natually I want to help. 


Where To From Here? 
Every year I want to grow more and more, and with this start to reach the areas that don't have this support. I aim is to have several events in each state/territory. We are hoping to add a few different styles of workshops/courses. 


What Makes Us Special?

I generally say nothing but the truth is we are not here to stand on a stage and talk at you, we are exactly like all the girls that attend our event, we like to get amoungst it and learn even though we get scared sometimes.

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