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23 - 25 AUG 2024

4x4 Outdoors Show Melbourne

Compulsory Induction


Compulsory Induction

Melbourne Showgrounds Induction

All Exhibitors, staff and contractors are required to complete the Melbourne Showground on-line WHS Induction prior to commencement of work at Melbourne Showground. The on-line induction will assist you in exercising your duty of care under the WHS Legislation by informing your staff, and PCBU’s about safety practices specific to Melbourne Showground.

Course Link: 2023 Exhibitor/Contractor Induction

1. Fill in your details (at minimum all mandatory areas marked *)
2. Create your password
3. Please ensure you have selected your appropriate contractor type 
4. Fill in all details required and click the "REGISTER NOW" button
5.  You will receive an email to verify your registration, please click the link to verify your account (please check your junk or spam folders)
6. Please complete the mandatory induction links under your contractor profile

Once you have registered your organisation in the induction system, you will have the capacity to send the induction link to all staff/exhibitors directly via email.

Each contractor will need to register individually. 

Melbourne Showgrounds staff will randomly check names for proof of induction completion and reserve the right to remove persons from the venue should they be found to have not completed the induction.

Please ensure all your staff and contractors understand this requirement BEFORE arriving on site.

Melbourne Showgrounds will work with any client for specific inductions and specific induction requirements should the need arise.

If you require any technical assistance, please contact the Melbourne Showground OH&S Manager, Mark Rippingale at or 0419 475 882 or Melissa Amato on