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23 - 25 AUG 2024

4x4 Outdoors Show Melbourne

FAQs & Exhibitor Manual

Show Information

What is the address for Melbourne Showground?

Gate 2, Langs Road Ascot Vale, Victoria 3032

What are the show opening hours?

Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th August: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday 25th August: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Where is the Organiser Office?

The Foyer of Building 3. The office will be open from 7am during move-in and show days.

Bump In/Out

When is bump in?


Space Only  Wednesday 21st August 2024
Thursday 22nd August 2024

10:00am – 7:00pm
7:00am – 7:00pm

Shell Scheme Thursday 22nd August 2024

7:00am – 7:00pm (All areas)


Please ensure you select your bump in time here so we can prepare for your arrival. 

All stand set-up must be completed by 7pm Thursday 22nd August.

All exhibitors must leave site by 7:00 pm each day for a security sweep, if you need to stay later please see Organisers Office.

When does my stand need to be set up by?

All stands must be setup and completed by 7pm on Thursday 22nd August.

When does bump out begin?

All Exhibitors

Sunday 25th August 2024

Monday 26th August 2024

4:30pm – 7:00pm (all stock & goods)
7:00am – 3:00pm (general move-out)


The show closes at 4pm on Sunday from this time you may start packing down your exhibit and walking goods out. There will be NO engines permitted to start or vehicle movement onsite until everyone is in high visibility vests and enclosed shoes.

*Bump out will commence once the Organsiers deem it safe to do so. Please wait until an announcement is made before starting vehicles.

What do I need to do during bump out?

  • All stock and items are to be removed from walls by 7.00pm Sunday to enable the stand builders to dismantle walls.
  • If items are being left on stands until Monday, please ensure all boxes are packed, sealed and labelled correctly as this is the time when things can go missing.
  • All stand displays and exhibitor products must be completely removed from site by 12pm, Monday 26th August.
  • Please note that ETF takes no responsibility for any goods or material left on the premises after the expiration of the move-out period. Any items left in the exhibition area shall be disposed of at the expense of the exhibitor.

Can children be on site during bump in/out?

No. Children under the age of 15 are prohibited from being onsite during bump in/out.

Visitors and family are also prohibited from being onsite during this time. Bump out will not commence until all children, visitors and family are offsite.

Can I park on site during bump in/out?

Vehicles are permitted onsite during the move-in process. There is a 30 minute parking restriction in and around the venues that will be enforced throughout the move-in and move-out periods.

When can I have items delivered?

Deliveries will be permitted from 10am Wednesday 21st August. You must have someone present to accept this as the venue and ETF will not sign on your behalf. Couriers should be directed to the show entrance check-point on the corner of Gate 2 on Langs Road.

Download a Delivery Label

Parking & Access

How do I access the site during show days?

You can enter the show site one hour prior to show opening via:

• Show Entry 1: Adjacent to the RASV Centre
• Show Entry 2: Beside the Boulevard Pavilion
• Show Entry 3: Gate 1 off Epsom Road

Please note that there is NO access to the site via Epsom Road – Gate 1.

Where is the car park?

Move-in and move-out

During the move-in and move-out periods there will be NO charge for vehicles parking onsite. In order to avoid congestion, only vehicles directly involved with loading or unloading may park within the grounds during the move-in/out periods.

Show days
Exhibitor parking is available at the Melbourne Showground; parking entry will be via Langs Road. The cost is $20 per day and is paid for on arrival. This parking is not promoted to visitors.

NB: Contactless payment for parking only.

Other Visitor Car Parking

Visitor parking will also be available at Flemington Racecourse on show day. Shuttle buses will run between the Flemington Racecourse Parking area and the Melbourne Showgrounds each show day, starting 30 minutes before show opening until 30 minutes after show close.

Space Only Stands

I'm a space only stand, what do I need to know?

All space only stands must submit a stand design here for approval. This must be submitted by 2nd August 2024.

Once a custom stand design has been approved, the stand design cannot be modified or altered without written approval from the organiser.

Download a design template

Reminder: space only stands DO NOT include power, walling, flooring.

I have a contractor building my stand, what do I need to provide?

As above a stand design must be submitted by your builder. If they do not have Exhibitor Portal access they can email Tori - 

  • Public Liability Certificate of Currency.
  • Workers Compensation Certificate.
  • Safe Work Method Statement (WH&S Regulations).

I have an outdoor stand with a marquee/temporary structure, do I need to tell the organisers?

Yes, if you have an outdoor marquee or temporary structure you must provide the size and specifications of the structure here.

Melbourne City Council will be inspecting all structures for compliance. 

ALL outdoor structures must be weighted in accordance with the Hire and Rental Industry Associations – Temporary Structure/Marquee Weighting Guide. This guide has been produced to offer guidance with regards to the safety and stability of marquees or temporary structures in outdoor areas. This guide can be downloaded from the HRIA.

As a general rule each leg must have a minimum 50kg weight attached.

Exhibitor Passes & Tickets

How many complimentary tickets do I get?

Exhibitors will be allocated a predetermined amount of complimentary visitor tickets based on stand size. Complimentary tickets will be sent via a link a week prior to the event start date for you to distribute at your discretion.

Complimentary tickets are strictly for guests/clients only and not to be used in lieu of an Exhibitor Pass.

Stand Size Ticket  Allocation
0 – 59 SQM 4
60 – 99 SQM 6
100 – 199 SQM 8
200 SQM or more


Contact us to purchase additional tickets -

What are Exhibitor/Contractor Passes?

Purpose of Exhibitor/Contractor Passes: 

  • To establish who a person is and their eligibility to access the site to perform their role. Once established and approved they will be issued a Pass.
  • Regulate the number of persons accessing the site and to achieve a high level of security by all stakeholders.
  • Each person who comes onto site to fulfil a working role must be registered for a Pass.
  • Ensure the needs of all stakeholders are adequately met, and to guarantee their enjoyment.

How do I organise Exhibitor/Contractor Passes?

Exhibitor/Contractor Passes can be requested via the Online Exhibitor Portal or can be found here

The registration deadline is Thursday 22nd August. Please make sure you check your ‘Junk’ folder. 


What is Parcel Pickup and where can I find it?

This is for visitors to drop off purchases that they do not wish to carry around site. Please encourage visitors to drop items off at this point. PPU is located near show entrance 2 near Building 4. 

Is there storage on site?

No, there is no storage available on site. Replacement stock in boxes must not remain on the stand in view of visitors during the show and must not hinder access to aisle ways or fire escapes. GEL can assist with storage requirements.

Do my electrical items need to be tagged?

Yes, Test and Tagging will occur as a free service throughout the bump in period.

Cleaning & rubbish removal process

Bump in/out:

Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of their cardboard/boxes/pallets etc during move-in. Waste containers are located outside each building for such rubbish. Please advise your stand builders that they are responsible for the removal of any rubbish generated during the construction of your stand.

Waste Material - Please ensure all your stand and display materials are removed from the venue during move-out. Failure to do so will leave the contracted exhibitor liable for the cost of removal and disposal.

Show days:

A pre-show clean of all carpeted areas (including stands) will occur on Thursday evening. Additional stand cleaning is at a fee, details are in the supplier list.

Where do I submit my Public Liability Insurance documents?

As per the Exhibition Contract Terms and Conditions, all contracted exhibitors and co-exhibitors are required to have the following insurance coverage to be able to exhibit and work at the show.

Your Public Liability Insurance policy MUST include the following:

  • Your Company Name
  • Policy Number
  • A minimum of $20,000,000 cover
  • Interested Parties – Exhibitions and Trade Fairs Pty Ltd
  • The name of the show – National 4x4 Outdoors Show 2024
  • The name of the venue – Melbourne Showground
  • Expiry date of cover – MUST not expire before Monday 26th August 2024

If you are unable to provide us with a certificate with the above requirements, you have the option to purchase Public Liability Insurance via ETF’s Insurance Broker for $250.00 (+ GST).

Submit PLI here before 2/08/2024.

I have a vehicle I want to display outside of my stand, what do I need to do?

Please contact Connor - who will provide more information.

Note that ALL display vehicles MUST be positioned by 7pm Thursday and will not be able to move/leave site until bump out on Sunday. If your display vehicle is your means of transport throughout the show it CANNOT be displayed on site.

Cars, trucks and trailers cannot be parked inside show footprint. Although buildings within the grounds may look unused, it does not mean you can park there. 

Can I use tent pegs at the venue?

Yes, pegs are however restricted to a maximum of 25cm deep. Star pickets are not allowed - tent pegs only.