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23 - 25 AUG 2024

4x4 Outdoors

Exhibitor & Contractor Passes


Exhibitor & Contractor Passes

Exhibitor & Contractor Passes

Exhibitor/Contractor Passes can be requested through the below links. Once registered each staff member will be sent a confirmation email with a QR-coded ticket. This is to be taken to the LUP Ticketing Desk on the first day of site access and exchanged for an Exhibitor/Contractor Pass. 

This pass must be worn at all times and scanned upon every entry/exit to the event site, including the move-in and move-out period.  

During the operating days of the show, exhibitors and their staff can enter the Melbourne Showground from 8:00am. If you require earlier access please come to the Organisers Office the day prior to arrange this; security will not allow early entry without prior permission from ETF. 

NB: Additional passes required once onsite must be registered at the LUP Registration Desk. 


Registration deadline: Thursday 3rd August 2023  

Purpose of Exhibitor/Contractor Passes: 

  • To establish who a person is and their eligibility to access the site to perform their role. Once established and approved they will be issued a pass.
  • Regulate the number of persons accessing the site and achieve a high level of security for all stakeholders.
  • Each person who comes on site to fulfill a working role must be registered for a Pass.
  • Ensure the needs of all stakeholders are adequately met and guarantee their enjoyment.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Each individual must use their unique work email to register for an Exhibitor/Contractor Pass (ie. Those who do not will be contacted by ETF and denied access.  
  • All Exhibitor/Contractor Pass requests will be reviewed by ETF. We will contact you if we feel the numbers requested are outside a reasonable range for your stand size.    
  • Exhibitor/Contractor Passes are non-transferrable amongst staff 
  • Improper or unauthorised use of an Exhibitor/Contractor Pass may result in the pass being cancelled by the organiser and entry refused.