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23 25 AUGUST 2024

4x4 Outdoors Show Melbourne



OCAM Deluxe Steel Bull Bar For GWM Cannon, 2020-Current, Winch Compatible

OCAM 4x4 Accessories Hall: Hall 7: Grand Pavilion Stand: G660

OCAM Deluxe Steel Bull Bar For GWM Cannon 2020 - Current


Are you looking to install a full-protection bull bar on your 4WD?  If so, good decision!! 

With over 50 million kangaroos roaming across Australia (est. 2022), the reason is now bigger than ever. Installing a full protection bull bar to your 4WD not only makes your vehicle off-road capable, but it also makes driving so much safer, especially in country and rural areas.

In the event of an animal road strike, a bull bar offers vital protection. It means that most likely you'll be able to continue driving your 4WD after impact, because the vital components such as the radiator for your vehicle to operate, are protected from severe damage. Otherwise, you'll most likely be stranded, and in need of a tow. 

A bull bar is also a rigid structure for mounting essential offroad accessories such as a winch, driving lights, and UHF antenna. 

The OCAM Deluxe Bull Bar is a premium product. It is designed to match the vehicle's shape and lines so that it fits and protects perfectly and enhances the vehicle's appearance.


The OCAM bull bars are manufactured overseas using quality materials and processes. Our appointed manufacturer is a fully-approved OEM facility, which produces a wide range of vehicle accessories for the global automotive market, including various major vehicle manufacturers. All aspects of the manufacturing process are quality controlled and maintained.  


The OCAM bull bars are crash tested in Australia and ADR compliant. The energy-absorbing system is a patent-pending design and is among the market-leading solutions. Our investment in crash testing and certifying our bull bars means you can rely on the OCAM bull bar for frontal protection to get you anywhere and home safely.    


The OCAM bull bars come with integrated factory recovery points which are rated to 3400kgs when used together with an equaliser strap. This extra benefit not only saves you on cost but also means there is no need to go out looking for recovery points to suit.   


In finishing, the OCAM bull bars go through a rigorous 4-stage powder coat process. It involves:

  1. Pre-treatment: The bull bar raw metal is cleaned and rinsed to remove all impurities. Any trace of material oil and rust is removed. It is then phosphatized, which is a metalworking process involving the use of phosphoric acid to create a protective layer over the metal.
  2. Cathodic epoxy electrocoating: This is the global benchmark for corrosion resistance and provides the bull bar with superior adhesion and corrosion protection. It covers every corner of the product.  
  3. Prime Powder Coat: Fixes any imperfections on the surface, e.g., scratch marks, etc., and provides corrosion protection reinforcement for a long-lasting finish.
  4. Top powder coat: Completes the bull bar with a layer of Corrosion Protection ultra-reinforcement and an excellent smooth surface finish.


With strength and reliability in mind, we’ve implemented a few design features to ensure you can have peace of mind when traveling throughout Australia. The bar uses a 63mm top tube and is 100% welded top and bottom through the 2.5mm plate bar. Reinforcement plates are used on the underside unlike many others to guarantee additional strength!



All OCAM Bull Bars are equipped with LED turn signals, parking, and daytime running lights for OEM replacement. The fog lights are LED and are included at no additional cost! They come with 3 x top tube mounts for all your additional accessories and 2 x high lift jack points. All OCAM bull bars are winch compatible and come with the number plate flip mount.



  • Modern and market-leading energy absorber system (Patent-Pending)
  • Winch compatible - perfect for off-road use
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for optimum strength
  • Robot-welded for precision manufacturing
  • The latest design in LED's; fog lights with dual brightness options, parkers and modern indicators
  • SRS airbag tested and certified in Australia (ADR approved)
  • High-grade black e-powder coat for long-lasting protection against rust and ultimate-look finish
  • Underbody skid-protection plates
  • Polyurethane protection bumpers
  • 63mm top tube, with aerial / lighting mounting brackets
  • 2 x high lift jack points
  • 2 x recovery points, rated to 1700 kgs each. Total 3400 kgs using equaliser strap
  • Number-plate swivel bracket
  • Complete mounting kit with instructions.



We offer a complete fitting service at all OCAM locations. Our dealer network across Australia is growing and we now offer a fitting service in various regions too. If you'd like a quote to include fitting, please be in touch. Just let us know your postcode, suburb, and which accessories you'd like fitted up. We'll confirm pricing for you asap. 

* If you're based in an area where we don't have a fitting arrangement in place as yet, we welcome working with you to locate a suitable fitter. 



  • Sensor compatible - Reuse factory bumper sensor seats. The bullbar is pre-drilled.
  • Requires flare cut.
  • Requires trimming on the underside of the grill.


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