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23 25 AUGUST 2024

4x4 Outdoors Show Melbourne



ProVent Ultimate Catch Can

Direction Plus Hall: Hall 1: Exhibition Pavilion Stand: EP780

Provent Ultimate Catch Can Kits are designed to

protect modern diesel engines from the harmful effects

of blow-by gases. These gases, containing unburned

fuel, oil mist, and soot particles, can accumulate in

the intake system, leading to reduced performance,

increased emissions, and potential engine damage. The

Provent Catch Can system effectively separates and

captures 98% of these contaminants.

Direction Plus offers a wide range of ProVent Catch

Can vehicle-specific kits, seamlessly integrating with

popular diesel trucks and SUVs. By preventing soot

and oil buildup in the intake system, the Provent catch

can kit extends the lifespan of critical components like

turbochargers, intercoolers, and EGR valves, reducing

costly repairs.

Our kits come with a drain kit for convenient

maintenance, allowing easy removal of collected

contaminants. With advanced filtration technology,

vehicle compatibility, and easy maintenance, Provent

Ultimate catch can kits provide comprehensive

protection for modern diesel engines, extending their

lifespan and ensuring reliable performance.


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