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23 25 AUGUST 2024

4x4 Outdoors Show Melbourne

4x4 Celebrities


Brianna Voto

Brianna Voto

Red Dirt Diary
Brianna is a well established face in the 4wd adventure and lifestyle industry, making her mark three years ago with her undeniable and clear passion for four wheel driving. She isn't afraid to hit the big tracks with the blokes and put her GU through it's paces! As much as she loves locking the hubs in, she also has a passion for some old american muscle, especially the old Monaro stored away in the shed waiting for a rainy day! Anything with an engine and this girl is in!

?Brianna spins the wheel of a Nissan GU Patrol, The mighty Datsun comes with all the bells and whistle to give her all the advantages out on the track such as; Twin air lockers, 63% Reduction gears, 37inch R/T Toyo tyres! and a cheeky 240hp at the rear wheels!