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23 25 AUGUST 2024

4x4 Outdoors Show Melbourne

4x4 Celebrities


Bridget Crosato

Bridget Crosato

Red Dirt Diary
Bridget Crosato is up and coming in the industry and well and truly has entered the stage. While she has a large adventure background from touring, snowboarding, the thing that separates Bridget from the rest is her creativity and daring moves in how she built her car, her innovating ways have given the social media scene the freshen up they didn't know they needed!

Bridget steers a N70 Hilux, fully built and designed by herself, you can really see the quality behind this girl's work in her car! It's like no other N70 around. Recently she has Twin locked this beast and created a Deluxe hotel style timber canopy fit out and to top it off she added some chromoly bar work! Like we said there isn't another N70 like it!