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23 - 25 AUG 2024

4x4 Outdoors Show Melbourne



29 Jun 2023

Yakima RoadShower

Yakima Australia Hall: Town Square Stand: TS10

The Yakima RoadShower product tour with Ben Jones, AKA

Your camping shower, fishing water supply, mountain bike cleaning hose, trail building water supply, surfboard and kayak hose... the list goes on.

Sandy feet, dirty paws and muddy bikes – the RoadShower allows you the convenience of pressurised water on your next gritty gravel adventure in the middle of nowhere. It attaches to your vehicle or trailer and the sun heats up the water in the strong aluminium tank while you’re out riding/fishing/camping, so you can enjoy a warm shower or wash down your gear no matter where you drive.

The RoadShower is re-pressurised with a hand or electric air pump, and the stock unit includes a flexible hose with a spray nozzle and brass water fittings. Additional shower head attachments and fitments are available for dual water access and convenience.

The RoadShower is available in two sizes, the Small 15 Litres and Medium 26 Litres in EU and UK, and will be available in Australia and New Zealand in early 2022.

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