22 JUL - 24 JUL 2022  |  SYDNEY
19 AUG - 21 AUG 2022  |  MELBOURNE
17 MAR - 19 MAR 2023  |  BRISBANE

4x4 Outdoors

Bargain Hunters' Guide

  • George4x4 Recovery Soft Shackle Hitch Recovery Hitch/Tow Bar Hitch made of Solid Aluminium Alloy, designed for BOTH Soft Shackle and Rated Steel Shackle. This soft shackle hitch is designed with an Ex ...
  • At this years show we're offering: - Free high-pressure sleeves with purchase of Coil-assist bag kit. - Free portable compressor with purchase of Leaf-assist kit.  
  • GEORGE4X4 BUTTON/DIAMOND KNOT SOFT SHACKLE Features: 20% off on all sizes!  Breaking Strength from 2500kg to 50000kg Hand spliced in Australia, Tested by NATA accredited lab Super lightweight, can flo ...
  • Protect your diesel engine from reduced performance, increased fuel consumption, and expensive repairs by preventing soot deposit build-up in the engine’s air intake manifold. - SHOW DEAL 10% off
  • At this years show we we're offering a free plug & play adaptor (valued at $90) with any brake controller purchase.
  • Fuel filter kits designed for an easy D.I.Y. install to protect your diesel from contaminated fuel. Includes custom designed brackets to suit a large ranges of vehicles. - SHOW DEAL 10% off
  • George4x4 Bridle Equaliser Rope George4x4 Bridle Rope is constructed of a unique ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material(UHMWPE), also known as Dyneema/Spectra. It is extremely high-strength ...
  • Nylon Recovery Kinetic Rope  George4x4 uses 100% double braided Nylon, which increases rope elongation up to 30%. Our kinetic ropes are hand spliced in house and rigorously tested. These ropes are Hea ...
  • George4x4 Recovery Winch Ring Snatch pulley ring is an ideal alternative of traditional snatch block. They are designed to fit soft shackle and synthetic winch rope. Lighter, smaller and safer with NO ...
  • At this years show we we're offering 20% OFF all lighting - Excluding Lightbars*
  • At this years show we we're offering 30-40% OFF all Lightforce lightbars.
  • At this years show we we're offering 10% OFF on all Rhino Rack products and accessories.
  • Save $59 at the 2022 SHOW!! RRP Price was $349- take away here for $290 while stocks last!!
  • The most trusted and reliable performance upgrade on the market offering up to 20% More Power and more torque without a change in ECU programming, injection timing or fuel pressures. - SHOW DEAL 10% O ...
  • At this years show we we're offering 10% OFF on all Tough Dog products and accessories.
  • At this years show we're offering 10% OFF on all Uniden products and accessories.

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