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14 - 16 JUNE 2024

4x4 Outdoors Show Sydney

For the National 4x4 Outdoors Show Sydney 2024, we're excited to give you access to an online Exhibitor Directory and Product and Bargains Directories! This is the place you will be uploading all of your online content, including your logo, description, products and brochures. 

What this gives you access to

Exhibitor Directory


Product Directory


Bargains Directory



We recommend that you populate this online listing as soon as possible so that you gain the full benefit of all of the exposure this gives you.

Thousands of visitors will be using this to plan their visit in the lead-up to the 2024 Sydney 4x4 Outdoors Show.

How to populate your listing

Log in

As an exhibitor, you would have received your login details via email from the event team. 

Enter your login on the Exhibitor Portal login page of this website.

Please note that the login details would have been sent to the email address stated as your main contact provided when you signed up to exhibit. 

Need help?

Can't find your login or need assistance? Contact Event Executive Lauren and she will be able to assist you. 

Populate your company's profile

When you first log in to the exhibitor portal you will be prompted to add your logo, write your company description, add your website, address and social media account links.

You will be unable to access the rest of the exhibitor portal until these tasks are complete.

Select your categories

Categories help visitors find your business, products and documents on the website through a series of filters. 

Select from a wide range of categories and sub-categories. 

It's important to at least choose a main category to ensure maximum visibility on the directory.

Add your products

Here's where you can upload your product listings.

Please include title, feature image, description and categories. 

Note: categories will be preselected based on your existing selections.

Add your documents

Here's where you can upload your documents or brochures.

Please include title and categories with the document upload

Note: categories will be preselected based on your existing selections.

The amount of documents you can upload is dependent on which marketing package you have.

Access the Exhibitor Manual

To access the exhibitor manual select Exhibitor Manual in the menu on the left-hand side, this will open a new window automatically logging you in.

The manual is where you will find all of your event information documents, the A-Z, staff badge forms and all other operational forms.

Please make sure you check through all the deadlines and compulsory forms within the manual as these are crucial.

Bargains Directory

This year, the printed Bargain Hunter's Guide will be replaced with a new online Bargains Directory to maximise both the visitor experience and your exposure to the visitor audience. 

The E-Zone will have a dedicated section to upload your show only bargains. When adding a bargain please include the deal on the image as well as in the title of the product.


Once you have completed all of these steps you have populated your online listing!

You can add to or edit this listing at any time up until 1 week out from the event, after which time the listings will be locked for editing.

Questions or need assistance?

Contact Event Executive Lauren and she will be able to assist you.