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14 - 16 JUNE 2024

4x4 Outdoors Show Sydney

Would you like to get to that campsite that’s at the end of a 4WD track but maybe you don’t feel confident enough to get your vehicle there? Are you scared to go offroad in case you get stuck or damage your vehicle? Check out MadMatt!

Learning the correct techniques on how to operate your 4x4 off road is the best investment you could ever make. We joined MadMatt over at Mount Maxxis and experienced driving demonstrations that gave us the skills and confidence to get out there and go to those places where you used to fear to tread.

Now we've seen Mount Maxxis we have the confidence to ride anywhere!


4wding has been a part of MadMatt's world since childhood. As a professional Four Wheel Driver MadMatt is all about  educating and entertaining people around 4wding, camping and other related subjects. 

At MadMatt 4wd there is everything from 4wd tips and tricks to fixing your four wheel drive.

One of the highlights of his time as MadMatt has been overseeing the 4wding in the feature movie Rough Stuff. This involved everything from designing the stunts and driving them to rolling 4wds and hanging them off cliffs.

Come and watch MadMatt do what he knows best!