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How to Clean Your Car Tyres | Bob Jane T-Marts

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Washing our car is something most of us do on a regular basis. This simple task not only makes your vehicle look great, but it also helps to avoid any damage to its paint job.

While not everyone remembers to clean the tyres, it is important and for so much more than purely cosmetic reasons. Why? It prevents any brake dust and other nasty elements from potentially damaging and ruining the life of your tyres:

1. Use specific rags
Set aside a cloth or rag just for cleaning your tyres. Brake dust will not only permanently stain cloth, but it can also scratch your car’s paint job if you use the same rags for both cleaning jobs.

2. Spray tyres with water
Spray the tyre with water before applying an approved tyre-cleaning solution then leave it on the tyre surface to help break down dirt and grime.

3. Begin scrubbing
After the cleaning solution has done its job, scrub the tyre surface using a soft or medium brush. Then thoroughly rinse the tyre to remove the cleaning product.

4. Dry
Once completely rinsed, dry your tyre with a microfibre cloth. This will prevent any water spots.

Cleaning your tyres is a simple process you can incorporate into your car-cleaning routine. By simply following these straightforward steps, you can remove any bothersome brake dust and ensure your tyres look as good as new!

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