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Why rooftop tents are a game-changer

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Deciding which style of tent to buy can be a tough decision. Do you go for a traditional ground tent, or is a rooftop tent mounted on top of your vehicle a better solution? While there are certainly a few downsides to the rooftop tent lifestyle, the long list of benefits can make them well and truly worth the investment.

Set up camp in seconds

The biggest factor for me when it comes to selecting a tent is the setup time, and in this area, rooftop tents are in a class of their own thanks to hydraulic struts that do most of the work for you! With hardtop models such as the Dune Nomad Deluxe, setup involves undoing a few clips, pushing the tent up and clipping on the telescopic ladder, a 30-second job that anyone can do. Beyond the physical setup time though, rooftop tents have built-in mattresses and room inside to leave your blankets. That means that in the 30 seconds it takes to pop the tent up, your bed is also made and ready to go - an absolute game-changer if you arrive at camp late, or like to move from campsite to campsite each night.

Camp in any conditions

Let's face it, you can carefully check the weather forecast and plan your trips for perfect conditions, but nature quite often has other ideas! A lot of traditional tents get quite affected by wind, not only structurally (which can mean a broken tent and a camping trip cut short!) but also with flapping material that keeps you awake. Rooftop tents have less material to flap, a strong metal frame and hydraulic struts keeping everything taught so even in windy conditions, you can get a peaceful night's sleep. Admittedly, you can attach a combination of guy ropes to a ground tent to strengthen it and keep the material from flapping, but that's even more time you'll be spending setting up camp!


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