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Outback Stage

The place to see all your favourite offroad and outback celebrities is at the Outback Stage. Join Shauno & Graham, Jase Andrews, Pat Callinan, as the stories flow thick and fast.

Action Arena

At the outdoor Action Arena it’ll be all entertainment, with spectacular daily shows that are set to thrill, headlined by Hot Wheels stunt truck legend, Matt Mingay.


Proving Ground

There are few opportunities when buying your new 4x4 to put it through its paces, offroad. Compare what it’s like to drive the latest in 4WD models in our very own testing track. This year we will be in a brand new location!

The Rig Gallery

The new Show 'N' Shine competition for all those impressive 4WD rigs.

4x4 Technical Centre

A new educational feature on how to be prepared for all the different terrains Australia has to offer.

Fishing Workshops

New to 2021! The place for advice on all things fishing. 

Reptile Kingdom

Head to the Reptile Kingdom to meet some of our scaly friends.

Special Guests

Click here to see our special guests and speakers!



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