The Rig Gallery: Show 'N' Shine

Come check out some of Queensland’s best 4x4 rigs and hottest mods

New to 2021, the Show ‘N’ Shine: Rig Gallery is a new feature at the National 4x4 Show. It allows members of the off-road community to showcase their beasts to peers and the public alike. Your builds will inspire our 4x4 Visitors to go above and beyond with their own projects. 

The competition caters for all sorts of rigs; new school and old school; battle hardened off-road rigs; multi-purpose work rigs; and even weekend show ponies. We want them all! It's not all about the rigs though, meet the car owners and listen to stories of their adventures, build experiences and lessons learned. Become part of our community and you’ll never look back.


Why enter?

Show your rig off at Queensland’s No1 4x4 Expo                              

Winners get bragging rights with mates or at the 4x4 Club

Participants get 2 x free tickets to the show ($40 value)

+ Free parking (as your rig is in the show!)                                        

$250 cash, prizes and trophies up for grabs for category winners

It's free to enter

Have a fun day out


To enter your vehicle click here.  It's free to enter, with the winner of each category presented with a trophy and bragging rights for a lifetime. If you have any questions please contact Steph via



Rough & Tumble

With a focus on functionality and off road capabilities, it might not be pretty, but when things get serious it can be relied on to get you home.

Expected upgrades include but are not limited to: 

• Body armour 
• Roll cages
• Big flex
• Lockers
• Reduction gears
• Off road tyres
• Winches
• Light bars (off-road)



Tough Tradie

Work hard play hard. The Tough Tradie is business during the work week, but fierce on the weekends. The focus is on multi-purpose capabilities, open to utes with trays or canopies.

Expected upgrades include but are not limited to: 

• Storage
• Roof racks
• Towbars
• Functional upgrades





Terrific Tourer

The Terrific Tourer gets around, both on the road and the road less travelled. Good at towing loads, fuel efficient, and strong. With a focus on towing capacity, rapid deployment at destination and long haul reliability.

Expected upgrades include but are not limited to: 

• Lifted/Re-engineered Suspension
• Long range fuel tanks
• 12v setup
• Off-grid capabilities
• Informatics
• Rooftop tents
• Rear cabins
• Storage Compartment



Highway Hero

Roars on the road but holds it’s own in the paddocks too. The Highway Hero feels most at home on the highway, but if required can go off-road. The focus is on performance and power.

Expected upgrades include but are not limited to: 

• Performance chips
• Exhaust Upgrades
• Fuel System upgrades
• Custom intakes/exhausts
• Drive train upgrades
• Transmission upgrades




Urban Stallion

This is the King of the Bling category - flashy , flamboyant, and photogenic. The Urban Stallion looks like a supermodel; turns heads in the city but prefers to stay out of the mud. The focus is on looking good on the city streets. Geared toward Sports utes or high end SUVs, with eye-catching, attention-grabbing accessories/paint-jobs.

Expected upgrades include but are not limited to: 

• Wheels
• Body Kits/bodywork
• Cosmetic bull bars
• Custom Audio/Stereo





Ace of Clubs

A bit of friendly competition amongst friends! The Best 4x4 rigs that are a member of a club, open to all types.






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