Special Guests



Jase Andrews

Jase Andrews is the host of Australia’s number one four-wheel-drive and adventure show, All 4 Adventure. Driven by an unquenchable love for the undiscovered regions of Australia this modern day explorer is persistent and fearless when heading out into the wild. Jase honed his skills in the Australian bush from an early age having driven across Australia six times before his mid-20s, and he considers northern Australia to be his second home.


Shaun Whale & Graham Cahill

Shaun & Graham live and breathe all things adventure! From build ups and track runs to epic getaways and the worlds best campsites. Come down and hang with the faces of 4WD 24/7 as they talk behind the scenes and answer some of your questions!




Pat Callinan

Pat Callinan grew up in Outback Australia. He learned to drive in Holden utes and a two-stroke LJ50 4WD with a very touchy clutch. While studying Arts/Law at the University of New England, Pat took his ancient 1972 model 4WD across on a trip to Fraser Island. His vehicle didn’t make it back, getting stranded on rocks with an incoming tide. Watching the body being ripped off the chassis as the vehicle was smashed by the waves, Pat took pictures while licking his wounds. He wrote a story about his misadventure which was published in ‘4X4 Australia’ magazine.

Pat was then offered a job at Express Publications. He became editor just three months later – the youngest editor of an Australian 4WD magazine at 22. The early years were a struggle, selling just 5,500 copies per month – within five years, Pat achieved his career goal and took a previously unknown magazine to the position of category sales leader. When Pat left the magazine eight years later, it was selling 38,500 copies per month more than doubling the competitor’s sales.


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