Exhibitor Marketing

It is important to market your presence at the show to ensure your clients and contacts know where they can find you. Please refer to our Marketing Guide document for helpful hints and techniques to aid in your pre-show marketing.

• Market and promote your Show attendance through your website, industry newsletters, social media or magazines. If you already have a customer database, send out newsletters or emails about the Show

• Ensure that your products and collateral (flyers, handouts, etc.) are up to date and contain useful information and current contact details

• If you’re selling product at the Show, make sure your purchasing process is easy for buyers to make purchases at the Show or in the future

• Brief the staff that are attending the Show on correct etiquette when speaking with potential customers. Make sure your staff has thorough product and service knowledge and good customer service skills

• Tell your suppliers, stakeholders and partners about you attendance at the Show

• Create an incentive for people to buy or sign a deal at the Show (i.e. show specials etc.)

• Refine and tailor your unique selling proposition to suit the Show visitors and set a sales or KPI target

• Consider risk mitigation strategies if things don’t go to plan (i.e staff are late, weather)

• It is imperative that you refer to your Exhibitor Information Manual to ensure you complete all the essential forms and organize your stand before the Show (transport, furniture, power, stand design, certificate of currency, parking)

• Utilize your show display to close deals. In the stimulated show environment often magic happens. Reach out to attendees 3 - 6 weeks before the show. Set up meetings with them at your stand before the show starts.

• Advise us of your Show only deals, so they can be added into the Bargain Hunter’s Guide, this opportunity is at no extra charge

• Attract visitors to your stand through visual displays that clearly promote your product or service

• Ensure your staff aren’t too pushy or overbearing with visitors. They need to be informed about your products and services, but be careful of driving potential buyers away with aggressive selling

• Ask for feedback from visitors about the look and feel of your stand

• Take contact details of visitors to build a database for post show sales. One of the options available to assist with this is electronic data scanners. Our ticketing provider has this facility, please contact us to help you organise this

• Interactive Zones on your stand that provide meaningful, hands on or brand experiences for trade show attendees. Not only will this interaction generate interest, but the visitor will get a better understanding of your value proposition and remember your brand longer

• Dynamic presenters, well known personalities and media elements designed to stimulate audience engagement and solicit a positive response

• Post photos on social media and tag the National 4X4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo and include the hashtag #4X4MEL18 #4X4SHOW

• Look at the feedback from visitors, have a debrief meeting with staff, check post show sales, review new customer databases, and self-evaluate the effectiveness of the Show. This will help you to make a decision on attending a Show in the future

• Rebook your stand for the following year within 6 weeks of the Show to ensure you don’t miss out

• Follow up with leads in a timely manner after the show. The longer you wait the longer they have to forget who you are and what you said. People have many interactions at shows. As much as you want to believe yours were different, it’s tough to remember everyone’s name and product after the show. Don’t be afraid of reaching out too quickly. Typically wait 1-3 days after the show to follow up with potential prospects (unless an agreed time frame was set). Waiting too long can dilute the connection.

We encourage you to use the below marketing artwork which we have created for exhibitors:

Show Logo - JPEG version

Editable Social Media Post 

Editable Web Banner 

Editable Email Signature 

If you require any specific artwork sizes please contact Cathy on 03 9321 6758 chammond@etf.com.au or Alana on 03 9321 6750 asmith@etf.com.au

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