Paul Worsteling’ top 5 fishing tips to help you catch more fish on your next adventure

Paul's top 5 fshing tips
  1. Do the miles, get the smiles – the further you travel, the less pressure the fishery will have had and the more fish you are likely to catch.
  2. Local knowledge is key – speak to the locals and get the good oil on the finer details
  3. Target a species, not a fish – pick a target species and set yourself up for success with that species. Research the best areas, techniques, times, rigs etc
  4. One good cast in worth a thousand average casts – make every cast count when lure fishing. Get it right into the zone, close to structure or the area where fish are holding
  5. Join the 10% club – 10% of anglers catch 90% of the fish. Leave no stone unturned in joining this club. Attention to every single detail is key.


Good luck next time you hit the water. I hope these tips help to create long lasting fishing memories.

Yours in fishing

Paul Worsteling

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