Shauno's Tips Straight From The Action

Shauno's Tips Straight From The Action


  1. Victorian camping spots: Anywhere in the High Country is amazing; my favourite are the no-name campsites that you can often find down goat tracks near a creek.
  1. 4x4 vehicles: The Dirty 30, Sooty the 80 and the 79 Series LandCruiser
  2. Tracks in Australia: Favourite track is Monkey Gum in Yalwal NSW or Oombulgurri track in the Kimberley
  3. Tracks in Victoria: Blue rag is the most scenic track I’ve ever driven. Mt Sunday Track is the most challenging (don’t tow a trailer!)
  4. Recovery tips: Take a few minutes to access the situation before you settle on a recovery decision… if you’re recovering a Patrol, take a few hours
  5. Things to keep in the glove box: Dunny paper, winch controller, tyre deflator and hide any lollies you have behind all that gear
  6. Things to prepare before you leave on a trip: Make sure the bedding in your swag is there and not mouldy (speaks from experience haha), you have tools and spares, fishing gear is packed, Waeco is full of food and beer and leave your phone at home
  7. Emergency items to take on every trip: First aid kit, sat phone, bushmechanic kit like fencing wire, metal putty and a collection of nuts and bolts, make sure your winch is working and plenty of beer
  8. Fishing spots: My favourite fishing spots are, my local offshore grounds off the Gold Coast (some of the best marlin fishing in the world), The northern end of Fraser Island, Coffs Harbour, and any creek in the Top End where I can fish for barra!
  9. Meals on the road: Hard to beat a really good steak or fresh bit of fish cooked on the coals



  1. Damper recipe for the road: few cups of Self-raising flour, pinch of salt, 80g of butter and a can of XXXX Gold. Get the consistency right and dust with some flour before putting in the camp oven for 25 mins… serve with butter and golden syrup!
  2. Fish recipe for the road: Simple and fresh is best. Gut fish (leave head and scales) and score each side of the fish about three times. Put some thick onion rings, garlic and wedges of lemon in the gut cavity. Wrap in foil and place on the coals. When it is cooked, the skin will peel off in one piece (scales as well) and meat will fall from the bone.
  3. Romantic meal for the road: Curries sausages… if she stays with you after that experience, she’s a keeper!

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