There were lots of great recipes shared on the Catch & Cook stage, so we caught up Ranger Nick, to share a few go to recipes for when you're on the road.


Mango, Garlic, Brandy Prawns:


 12 good size green prawns (shelled)

1 large mango

100ml cream

2 glugs brandy (approx 60mls)

2 garlic cloves 

1 shallot/chive (even onion will do)

2 medium heat chilly (certainly soop it up to suit your taste)

1 knob butter or splash of oil


Butterfly and clean prawns, NB: (the tucker shoot is not mayonnaise it is poo, get rid of it) dice mango, finely cut garlic, shallot and chilly.  

 Heat butter until melted in hot pan, add prawns, garlic, chives, chilly and brandy. Ignite brandy to burn off alcohol, “PHOOFA.” (This will eliminate bitter taste of alcohol) Cook until prawns have started to colour, add mango and watch for sauce to begin forming. Once mango starts caramelising add cream, bring to boil, then remove from heat. Set aside and allow it to thicken. Like any sea food do not let it over cook or it will be floury. 

Serve on a bed of rice or pour over steak or fish. 


Crunchy Nut Baked Fish:


 1 Fish (filleted)

1 Egg (beaten)

½ Cup cornflour

1 Cup crunchy nut cornflakes



Get ready, in shallow bowls, in order, line up cornflour, cackleberry and cornies. Now evenly coat fish with flour, then egg, then cornies. 

Lay tin foil onto trivet in bottom of the camp oven, wack the lid on and allow to bake for 20-30 min. The sweetish taste of the corn flakes complements the flavour of your Blue-eyed Cod or Yellow Belly.  It’s simple and tasty.


Seafood Surprise:


2 dressed squid tubes

8-10 large prawns

1 lime

pepper to taste


This is a rather special treat, as we’re using an unconventional hot plate made of Himalayan Rock Salt. Heat up the Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks to a high temperature. Clean and butterfly the prawns, pepper lightly in a bowl. Stuff squid with the prawns and squeeze a quarter lime juice into each squid tube. Set your tubes on the hot Salt Cooking Block and sandwich between two Salt Cooking Blocks. Remove after about 5 minutes, cut the tubes up and sprinkle with a bit more lime juice if you wish. 


Absolutely delightful - Get it Indaya! Please visit too see Nick live in action!

About the author

Ranger Nick

Often referred to as the "Guru" of camp oven cooking, Ranger Nick is the master of keeping it simple and has been demonstrating camp oven and bush cooking skills professionally since 2010, travelling the country and abroad. Coming from a large family, he whips up a cracker of a meal with whatever is in the tuckerbox. A previous environmental education support officer and Ranger Guide from outback Queensland, Ranger Nick is putting his bush skills to use wherever his travels take him. When he is not cooking up a storm in the camp oven, Ranger Nick passes on his knowledge to school groups and fellow adventurers, teaching them the art of bush survival, hunting and cooking. Considered a dinky-di Aussie character who walks his talk with no dull moments, Ranger Nick’s colloquial language and unique sense of humour have earned him the reputation of the entertaining Bush Cook. Keeping heritage and traditions alive, he combines educational information with bush poetry, yarns and ballads during his camp oven cooking demonstrations. Appealing to young and old, he leaves a lasting impression wherever he goes and is a conversational point long after the show has finished.

Ranger Nick has weekly segments on River 94.9FM, guest appearances on Merv’s Outdoors, is the author of two books, has released a DVD, developed a comprehensive Outdoor Training Program, frequently gets invited to judge at large camp oven cooking competitions, and represents the typical down to earth Aussie country bloke. He will bring the outdoors into your kitchen at home, into the back yard, or show how to get out there and do it in style.

For more information, visit

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