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4WD Recovery Extended Soft Shackle Hitch (SK) Gold/Black/Orange

GEORGE4X4 AND MORE Hall: Grand Pavilion Stand: G930

George4x4 Recovery Extended Soft Shackle Hitch

Extended Recovery Hitch/Tow Bar made of Solid Aluminium Alloy, designed for BOTH Soft Shackle and Rated Steel Shackle.


  • WLL: 5000kg, Breaking Strength: 20000kg
  • Size: 50mm*50mm*232mm
  • Black coating(Glass Black/Matte Black) / Gold coating / Orange coating
  • Multiple holes designed to attach horizontally and vertically
  • Hitch's holes designed with smooth and round edge, suit for our SOFT SHACKLE of 13300kg/15000kg/16000kg/18000kg, not suit for 19800kg or 22000kg / 26000kg soft shackle
  • Rounded eye and tapered, Soft Shackle Friendly Designed
  • Item # Glass black-1250ARLGB, Matte black-1250ARLMB, Gold-1250ARLG, Orange-1250ARLO

NOTE: This hitch is ideal for Soft Shackle! It can go with Steel Shackle as well! 


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