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4WD Recovery Snatch Strap 8000kg/11000kg/17000kg/21000kg

GEORGE4X4 AND MORE Hall: Grand Pavilion Stand: G930


Using a snatch strap is necessary when you or your mates are stuck in sand or mud. This strap is unique in that it can stretch 10%-20% under load. The kinetic energy straps store is used to pull vehicles out of sand or mud. Snatch straps accompanied shackles are an essential part of the recovery situation as well.

Size Options: 

  • 8000kg*9m
  • 11000kg*9m/3m
  • 17000kg*9m
  • 21000kg*9m


  • George4x4 snatch straps made of top quality 100% nylon
  • Highly elastic that can be elongated up to 20%
  • UV resistant, water proof and more durable
  • Both ends have reinforced eyelets
  • Comes with 2pcs removable sleeves
  • VISIBLE color


  • Do not use towing balls as the recovery point
  • Avoid sharp edges when connecting directly
  • Only use rated shackle and rated recovery points
  • Always clean the strap after each use
  • If there are any signs on tearing or fraying, do not use
  • Do not connect with a hardware without 100% rated


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  • Recovery Eqipment
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