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18 Jul 2022

Ford Ranger / Mazda BT-50 Intercooler - 3.2L

Harrop Engineering Hall: Grand Pavilion Stand: G695

Utilising the latest cooling technology, the Harrop engineering team have designed a high flow intercooler to suit the Ford PX Ranger. Our Charge Air Intercooler is a superior design featuring cast aluminium tanks welded to the core, to handle higher boost loads and increased temperatures without fear of cracking or lifting off the plastic tanks from the core. This is a known failure point on plastic tanks which are crimped onto aluminium cores and unable to handle increased boost pressure.

Our intercooler core is 28% larger and 75% thicker than the standard OEM core, featuring a superior tube with internal fin construction for uniform air flow and greater heat dissipation. This upgrade is perfect for customers with aftermarket performance upgrades creating higher boost loads, as well as customers driving under heavier load conditions like towing a boat or caravan.

Tested and proven on our Harrop PX Ranger, we see a reduction in air temperatures across the rev range and uniform airflow through the core, as shown in the above graph. Our Intercooler Kit can be paired with our Pipe Kit Upgrade to completely replace the OEM system and a custom ECU tune for approximately 20% increase in power and torque - available through Harrop Performance Centre or our Dealer Network.


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