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HIKE IT-X5 Premium Vehicle Specific Pedal Controller with 3 Driving Modes

Hike It Hall: Grand Pavilion Stand: G145

The HIKE IT X5 is a "bite-size" throttle response controller that removes delays in your electronic accelerator pedal. In short, the X5 will get a faster response from your engine and therefore you'll get a modified acceleration depending on the X5 setting you select.

When you push your car's pedal it shouldn't feel like you're stomping a sponge; you should get immediate response from your engine, which is why we developed the HIKE IT X5.

The X5 has 3 different control modes: Eco/4x4, Sport/Tow, and HIKE IT, the highest performance mode. Each of the 3 modes has 10 different levels of throttle response available for selection.


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