Jase's Top Five 4WD Tips

Check out Jase's top five 4WD tips;

SUSPENSION: I’ve driven thousands of kilometres on some of the toughest terrains. Corrugations and vibrations can be one of the most damaging things for your vehicle. I would never go off-road without installing some quality aftermarket suspension.

COMMUNICATIONS: If you are travelling hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest town, you have to make sure someone knows where you are going and how long you are going for. You could be out in the middle of nowhere and stuck in a bog with no one around you to help. Make sure you have a way of sending for help. I always carry a satellite phone in case of emergencies.

RECOVERIES: The wet season can be particularly tricky to get to places that you want to go and there is a high chance that you may get bogged. Packing snatch straps, having a quality tested winch and carrying a couple of sets off MaxTrax has got me out of all sorts of trouble. Without the gear to get me out of the mud or off the beach, I could have badly damaged or completely lost my vehicles.

POWER: Most equipment these days is powered by batteries so keeping all those batteries charged is paramount. Enhancing solar and keeping your batteries charged and regularly tested before will ensure that you are fully powered for your adventure even if you are hundreds of kilometres from the nearest power point.

EXPLORE: Don’t be afraid to go somewhere that others don’t usually go. It is a special feeling being able to find spots that feel completely untouched. As a four-wheel driver, I naturally want to push further and further. I always take my mate Simon to share those experiences with me and remember it’s important to have fun along the way.

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