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George4x4 Bridle Rope Equaliser 9500kg/11000kg/13200kg/14000kg/18000kg

GEORGE4X4 AND MORE Hall: Grand Pavilion Stand: G930

George4x4 Bridle Equaliser Rope

George4x4 Bridle Rope is constructed of a unique ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material(UHMWPE), also known as Dyneema/Spectra. It is extremely high-strength and low-stretch. An equaliser rope is designed to make the weight from two recovery points even so the 4WD is in a safe recovery process. A bridle equaliser rope is expected to use in winching situations. 

Size Options: 

  • 10mm*9500kg yellow
  • 10mm*9500kg yellow fully sheathed
  • 10mm*9500kg purple
  • 11mm*11000kg orange
  • 11mm*11000kg orange fully sheathed
  • 11mm*11000kg purple with fixed eye at the middle
  • 11.8mm*12300kg grey
  • 12mm*13200kg grey
  • 13mm*14000kg pink
  • 13mm*14000kg pink fully sheathed
  • 14mm*18000kg red
  • 14mm*18000kg red fully sheathed


  • UV resistant, waterproof and more durable
  • Very light, can float in water
  • Both ends have protective sleeves and one sliding sleeve on the middle
  • Australian made, Australian tested
  • Visible colour

NOTE: There might be a slight length difference as each rope is spliced by hand.


  • General accessories
  • Recovery Eqipment
  • Roof racks, Cross bars & Carriers
  • Seat Covers
  • Towing
  • Winches
  • Caravan Accessories
  • Towing
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