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Sierra ZR

Australian Off Road Hall: Hall 3 Stand: EH210

The Sierra ZR takes us back to our roots, and gives you the basics you need to start your off road adventure lifestyle. We know that many campers start off small, and have their own gear loaded up and ready to go. With the ZR, almost everything is optional – you can option up or bring your own roof top tent, awning, fridge, BBQ and more.

This is to give you more flexibility, and has allowed us to keep the base price affordable for entry level campers.

The only thing we haven’t minimised in designing the Sierra ZR is quality. Our state of the art electrical and water systems are standard, and the chassis is manufactured  in the same way as our top of the range Aurora (with a 5 year warranty).

We back our product and have been manufacturing quality Australian made, dust proof campers for Aussie’s to enjoy for over 20 years.

So whether you are looking for a weekender or an extensive road tripper, the Sierra ZR is the perfect choice.


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