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23 - 25 AUG 2024

4x4 Outdoors Show Melbourne


Buying something bulky... Don’t want to carry your shopping all day? Drop off your goodies at Parcel Pick Up!

Located off Langs Road, Parcel Pick Up (PPU) is the perfect place to store your heavy, bulky items and continue enjoying your day at the show. You’ll have the option to pick up your goods on the way out or drive around and enter via Gate 4’s collection point and pop your items straight in the car

How to Use Parcel Pick Up 

Step 1. Head over to PPU location with the items you wish to store. You will need to grab a pass-out from Security in order to re-enter the show after visiting PPU.

Step 2. Hand over items for storage and receive collection ticket. You’ll need to leave your name and mobile number on the ticket stored at PPU to match up for collection.

Step 3. Enjoy the rest of your time at the show, free from the burden of carrying all the heavy items you can’t wait to take home!

Step 4. Head over to PPU to collect your items. There’s two options for collection.

Option 1: Collect your items before exiting the show
Option 2: Bring your car through Gate 4 off Langs Road to the collection point

Don’t forget to have your ticket ready for collection. Note: The person collecting the item does not need to be the same person who dropped off the item provided they have the correct PPU ticket and can confirm the mobile number left.

Step 5. Head on home and enjoy your brand new 4x4 and outdoor products!

What happens if I forget to collect my items?

All PPU items must be collected prior to Show close. If a PPU item is not collected the Show Organiser will attempt to contact the person who’s contact mobile phone details have been provided. Any items that are not collected will be returned to the stand from where the item was purchased or collected by the Show Organiser.

The Show Organiser shall not under any circumstances be responsible or liable for any items left at the PPU. The Show Organiser disclaims all liability for loss or damage to items left in the PPU including if the loss or damage was caused by the Show Organiser’s wilful misconduct, negligence or gross negligence.

Do I have to pick up my parcels on the same show day I stored it? 

Al of your items must be collected same day, strictly no overnight storage. PPU closes 15 minutes after Show close. You can collect your items by foot or by car. 

What can I store at the Parcel Pick Up?

PPU is only for items purchased at the National 4x4 Outdoors Show and cannot be used as a cloak room for storage of personal items.

When does Parcel Pick Up open and close?

PPU will operate during Show day hours:

Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Saturday: 9.00am - 5.00pm 

Sunday: 9.00am - 4.00pm

The PPU will remain open for the collection of items for 15 minutes after the Show closes. 

Do I have to give my details to leave items at Parcel Pick Up?

Yes, as per the terms and conditions, a mobile number and full name must be provided when leaving items. This is for security purposes and to ensure goods are collected by the correct person. A PPU ticket will also be provided to the shopper which will need to be exchanged for the items upon return.